University of Aberdeen, UK

Steve Redpath, Contact person


Prof. Steve Redpath, Population ecology, conservation biology, environmental conflicts, interdisciplinarity

Dr. Alex Douglas, Applied statistics

Dr. Lesley Lancaster, Adaptation at range limits

Prof. Graham Pierce, Fisheries, aquaculture, plus conservation and sustainable use of living marine resources

Prof. Xavier Lambin, Population ecology, invasive species, participatory management, predation, disease host dynamics, plant herbivore interactions, dispersal, vole, mink, crayfish, raptors, occupancy modeling, integrated Bayesian models

Prof. Dave Burslem, Community and ecosystem ecology, particularly forested ecosystems, biotic interactions contributing to maintenance of diversity, species conservation and management

Prof. Justin Travis, Population and evolutionary dynamics, range expansions, dispersal, stochastic individual-based models, Bayesian techniques

Prof. Stuart Piertney, Molecular ecology, bioinformatics

Dr. Rene van der Wal, Soil-plant-herbivore interactions, ecosystem function, experiments, cross-disciplinary research

Dr. David Lusseau, Conservation behaviour and marine ecology, social networks

Dr. Thomas Cornulier, Statistical ecology, spatial modelling, population dynamics, integrated population models, Bayesian statistics

Dr. Sarah Woodin, Arctic/alpine vegetation ecology, ecosystem function and environmental change

Prof. Paul Thompson, Foraging behaviour, population ecology, species conservation and management

Dr. Sandra Telfer, Wildlife disease, host-parasite dynamics, zoonoses and human health, parasite interactions

Dr. Michelle Pinard, Tropical forest ecology and management, rural livelihoods and forest conservation, carbon mitigation