Previous courses

Summer Schools:

2015 –  Effective communication in research and management – Norrtälje, Sweden

2014 – Telemark University College, Norway

2013 – Aarhus University, Denmark


Other courses by IRSAE partners or previously announced here

GIS in Animal Science
SLU, Uppsala, Sweden, 7-11 november 2016. For more info, contact Anna Skarin or apply here before October 10, 2016.

Introduction to agent-based models in ecology using NetLogo
Barcelona, Spain, Oct. 3 — 7, 2016. Registration before March 31st. More information here.

Animal ecology and traceability, Fondazione Edmund Mach, ITALY, September 5 – 8 2016. More information here.

PhD summer School at Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania, August 23-26, 2016.

Spatial Capture-Recapture
CREEM, Saint-Andrews, Scotland, 29th -31st August 2016.

Helsinki Summer School on Mathematical Ecology and Evolution
Turku, Finland, 21-28 August 2016.

Distance Sampling workshops
CREEM, University of Saint Andrews, Saint Andrews, Scotland, 16-19 August 2016 (Introductory level) and 22-25 August (Advanced level).

Individual and Agent-based Modeling
Dresden University of Technology, Dresden, Germany. June 30. – July 6., 2016.

GIS in Ecology, Glasgow, Scotland. Several 2-days courses in January-March 2016.

Modelling the distribution of species and communities accounting for detection using R and BUGS/JAGS. IMEDEA, Mallorca, Spain. 11–15 January 2016.

Introduction to Linear mixed effects models, GLMM and MCMC with R. Lisbon, Portugal. 15–19 February 2016.

Modelling of individual histories with state uncertainty. Montpellier, France. March 21–25, 2016. Application deadline: January 22nd.

Subfossil Cladocera Workshop Levico Terme, Italy. April 5–8, 2016

Comparative Approaches in Ecology and Evolution. MPIDR, Rostock, Germany. April 25-29 2016.

Spatio-Temporal Data Analyses Using Free and Open Source Software
University of Basilicata, Matera, Italy. 6th-10th June 2016.

Hands-on Open Source Drone Mapping and High Performance Computing for Big Geo-Data
University of Basilicata, Matera, Italy. 13th-17th June 2016.

Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in agriculture and forestry 20-24 April 2015, Ecological Research Station Stensoffa, Scania, Sweden

Modelling of individual histories with state uncertainty 23–27 March 2015, CNRS Campus, Montpellier, France

Integral Projection Models: Construction, Analysis and Interpretation. 26–31 January 2015, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, Rostock, Germany.

Quantitative Plant Ecology, 5 ECTS, Aarhus University, Denmark, Fall 2014

 Alpine Biodiversity and Climatic Change, 10 ECTS, Telemark University College, Norway, Fall 2014

Ecological Methods, 10 ECTS, Telemark University College, Norway, Fall 2014

Population modeling, December 2013/February 2014, Hedmark University College, Norway R for Macroecology Course, June 2014, Dept. of Bioscience, Aarhus University, Denmark

Scientific Writing workshop, November 2014, Hedmark University College R

for Macroecological and global change studies, Aarhus University, Denmark 15.-19. June 2015

Structured decision making/Adaptive management, Aarhus University, Denmark 22.-27. June 2015**

Next generation data management in movement ecology, FEM, Italy 1.-10. July 2015

Arctic Plant Ecology, University Centre of Svalbard (UNIS) 2.-31. July 2015

Connecting science and local communities in Rangifer research, 10.-15. August 2015, Enafors, Sweden

Distance Sampling Workshops, CREEM, St.Andrews, Scotland. August 2015.

Short course: introduction to Bayesian statistics using BUGS and JAGS. University of Göttingen, Germany. 7.-9. September 2015.

International Summer School on Bayesian Modeling. University of Bergen, Norway, 13–18 September 2015.

Temporal and spatial analysis of ecological data in an open source environment, 26.-29. October 2015, Fondazione Edmund Mach, Trento, Italy.

Fish and fisheries – evolutionary ecology and behaviour, University of Gotheborg, Sweden 29. September – 1. October 2015.

Agent-based modelling in ecology – a basic introduction to model development in C++ and ALMaSS. University of Coimbra, Portugal 28. September – 9. October 2015

Introductory Capture-Mark-Recapture and Recovery Analysis. IMEDEA, Mallorca, Spain. November 23–27, 2015.