Fondazione Edmund Mach, Research and Innovation Center

Dr. Francesca Cagnacci, Contact person

Elisabetta Perini, Admin.

Eleonora Trapin, PhD-coordinator


Dr. Francesca Cagnacci, Spatial analyses, ungulate and carnivore ecology, biotelemetry

Dr. Annapaola Rizzoli, Wildlife diseases and epidemiology

Prof. Heidi Hauffe, Population genetics, rodent ecology, speciation

Dr. Duccio Rocchini, Landscape ecology

Dr. Roberto Rosà, Mathematical modelling

Dr. Monica Tolotti, Aquatic ecology

Dr. Omar Rota-Stabell, Evolutionary genomics of arthropods in Agro-ecosystems

Dr. Valerio Mazzoni, Entomology, insect mating behaviour, bioacoustic, laser vibrometry, Hemiptera taxonomy