Aarhus University, Dept. of Bioscience

Dr. Toke Thomas Høye, Contact person



Dr. Peter Sunde, Wildlife behaviour, ecology, conservation and management (terrestrial systems). Taxonomic main focus: owls, raptors, carnivorous mammals.

Dr. Jakob Tougaard, Marine mammal biology and conservation and impact from underwater noise. Passive acoustic monitoring of marine mammals

Dr. Anne Mette Lykke, Terrestrial systems in Africa

Prof. Jens Christian Svenning, Landscape and geographical ecology of plants, animals and humans. GIS-based studies. Rewilding

Dr. Preben Clausen, Avian population dynamics, spatial and nutritional ecology, energetics, and optimal site management (focals: geese, swans, dabbling ducks, waders)

Dr. Toke Thomas Høye, Population ecology, biodiversity and conservation biology in a global change context

Dr. Morten Frederiksen, Analysis and modelling of links between demography and environment, seabird ecology

Dr. Jonas Teilmann, Ecology and management of marine mammals

Prof. Jesper Madsen, Wildfowl ecology and adaptive management

Prof. Chris J. Topping, Agent-based simulation of ecological and agricultural systems and model-based environmental impact assessment

Dr. Aksel Bo Madsen, Research, conservation and management of mammals (especially carnivores). Sustainable management of wildlife including habitat fragmentation, corridors, endangered and vulnerable species. Environmental Impact Assessments

Dr. Jes Rasmussen, Macroinvertebrates, freshwater ecology and ecotoxicology, species interactions, community responses to anthropogenic stress, ecosystem processes

Dr. Lars Dalby, Effects of climate change on northwest European overwintering dabbling duck distributions

Prof. Christian Damgaard, Plant population ecology with emphasis on empirical ecological data using advanced statistical methodology