Teresa Montràs Janer

Teresa Montràs Janer 


E-mail: teresa.montras.janer@slu.se

Phone:  +46 703533738                                                         

 PhD title: Mitigating conflicts between conservation and farming – large grazing birds and crop damage at wetlands

Supervisors: Johan Månsson, Tomas Pärt, Ingunn Tombre

Keywords: Large grazing birds, conflict mitigation, crop damage prevention, agriculture and wetland restoration

Start and end date of the PhD: 01/09/2016 – 01/09/2020

Research (max 300 words): Populations of large grazing birds have increased all over Europe in the last decades, with an increase of crop damage as a result. These birds often gather together on high concentrations in wetlands and use the surrounding agricultural landscape as a feeding ground. That supposes a loss of yield for farmers and therefore, a conflict arises.

I will study the mechanisms driving the spatiotemporal patterns behind crop damage at different spatiotemporal levels; develop spatial distribution models of large grazing birds at different scales; predict areas at risk; and finally, develop and asses preventive measures to reduce the risk of crop damage.