Francesca Mancini

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Phone: 01224 274106

Mailing address: Room 418, Zoology Building, Tillydrone Avenue, Aberdeen AB24 2TZ, UK

PhD title: Managing the wildlife tourism commons

Supervisors: David Lusseau (, George M. Coghill (, Fiona Manson, Ben Leyshon

Keywords: Socio-ecological systems, sustainability, wildlife watching, predictive conservation, modelling, social media mining.

Start and end date of the PhD: 15/11/2014 – 01-04-2018


My research aims at providing regulators with advice on how to sustainably manage wildlife tourism. I am adopting an integrated approach in order to find management solutions that allow the industry to stay profitable without overexploiting the wildlife it targets. I use unconventional data sources and mathematical and statistical models make predictions on which regulatory strategies are the most likely to be sustainable at different spatial scales.


Introduction to R,

  • Experimental design and data analysis
  • Introduction to Bayesian inference
  • Population Ecology
  • Introduction to ArcGIS


Twitter: @Frances_Mancini



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