José van Paassen

José van Paassen  jose_van_paassen



Phone: 07927320470

Mailing address: University of Aberdeen, Cruickshank Building, St Machar Drive, Aberdeen AB24 3UU

PhD title: Upland management to enhance carbon sequestration: the role of phosphorus

Supervisors: Dr. Sarah Woodin, Dr. Andrea Britton, Dr. Lorna Street, Prof. David Johnson, Dr. Rebekka Artz, Andrew Coupar

Keywords: Plant, soil, carbon sequestration, phosphorus, nutrient cycling, ecosystem health

Start and end date of the PhD: 01-11-2015 – 31-10-2018

The Scottish uplands store a large amount of carbon, mainly in undecomposed plant material in the soil. In my PhD I am studying the effects of phosphorus -both addition of phosphorus and natural availability- on carbon cycling and vegetation composition in the Scottish uplands. The focus in this project is on wet and dry heathlands and unimproved grasslands.