Kathryn Logan

Nationality: British
Partner institution: The University of Aberdeen
Start and end og PhD: October 2016 – October 2020
e-mail: r02kl16@abdn.ac.uk
Supervisors: Dr Astley Hastings and Dr John Nelson

PhD title: Investigating the Impact of the Electrification of Transport to Reduce Carbon Emissions on Natural Capital.

Description of research project:
My PhD research project at the University of Aberdeen investigates the impact of current and future electrification on the transport systems in Scotland on natural capital in Scotland and the ecosystem services they provide. The project will investigate effect of infrastructure changes required to achieve this, including electricity supply, and the potential trade-off between greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions on climate regulation and the impact other ecosystem services. This is important as some renewable energy systems require significant land use.

By taking a collaborative approach through a greater understanding of ecology, ecosystem service and land use, potential global solutions may be explored. By researching potential solutions worldwide; an indication on the different structural needs for transportation and the economics of how this can be achieved may materialise.