Keziah Hobson

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Phone: +447342106220

Mailing address: University of Aberdeen, Zoology Building, Tillydrone Avenue, Aberdeen, AB24 2TZ, UK

PhD title: Assessing the economic and conservation impacts of the pine marten, a recovering predator, on non-native grey squirrels, and forest land management

Supervisors: Xavier Lambin and Emma Sheehy (University of Aberdeen), Jonathan Spencer and Robin Gill (Forestry Commission) with project partners Vincent Wildlife Trust (VWT), Red Squirrels Northern England (RSNE) and CONFOR

Keywords: recovering predator, invasive species, forest land management, socioeconomic impacts, conservation, Martes martes, Sciurus carolinensis

Start and end date of the PhD: 1st October 2016 – 30th September 2020

Pine martens were once widespread across mainland Britain, however due to many years of persecution the population was restricted to a few parts of Scotland. The Scottish population has recovered spectacularly in recent years and is expanding south. The findings from Dr Sheehy’s work in Ireland, where the recovery and spread of the pine marten has led to a decline in non-native grey squirrels and allowed the native red squirrel to recover, have extremely important implications for forestry and conservation efforts in the UK.

My PhD will investigate the existing and potential socioeconomic and conservation impacts of the recovery of the pine marten across various parts of the UK. Local and national stakeholder groups will be engaged throughout the project to inform design and better understand perceptions and attitudes of different stakeholders. The findings of this research will help further our understanding of the existing situation, help predict future impacts, and inform decision-making in relation to management and policy development.


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