Liang Zhang

Nationality: Chinese

Partner Institute: Aarhus University, Department of Bioscience

Start and end of PhD project: 01.01.2015 – 30.06.2018


Supervisor: Prof. Hans Brix

PhD title: Removal of emerging organic contaminants in constructed wetland system

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Description of research project:

Thousands of trace organic pollutants referred to as Emerging Organic Contaminants (EOCs) have been detected in streams and lakes and may have adverse human health effects. Constructed wetlands (CWs), as an environmentally-sound and cost-saving biotechnology, are effective to degrade EOCs through natural processes involving support matrix, plants and microbes. The aim of the research is to increase the understanding of how removal and degradation of EOCs can be stimulated by plants, media and microbe interactions. A better understanding of the process occurring in the systems will help improving their performance.