Rita Razauskaite

Nationality: Lithuanian
Partner institution: University of Aberdeen
Start an end of PhD: October 2015 – December 2018
e-mail: Rita.razauskaite@gmail.com
Supervisors: Jo Smith, Elena Vanguelova, Pete Smith, and Tim Randle

PhD title: Modelling current and future greenhouse gas balances from forest soils in the UK

Link to research group in Aberdeen

Description of research project:
My research is dedicated to examining, how forest and agricultural land use influence carbon dynamics in the UK soils. Firstly, I am quantifying the rate of carbon sequestration under broadleaf and conifer forests. I will then use the soil carbon models, RothC and ECOSSE, to simulate the carbon sequestration and biomass inputs from the forest and compare this to the measurements obtained for the different forest types. Lastly, I will integrate models of forest growth, the forest carbon accounting model CARBINE and the dynamic forest growth model 3PGN into ECOSSE to provide a complete picture of the soil and plant carbon dynamics of a forest.