Welcome to the IRSAE theme forum, where all members of the network have the opportunity to discuss the different themes and make plans for theme related activities.

Please e-mail Henriette (IRSAE coordinator) to get your password to join the forum.


The themes are:
1. Movement and Population Ecology. Theme leaders: Francesca Cagnacci (Fondazione Edmund Mach), Øyvind Steifetten (University College of Southeast Norway) and Erlend Nilsen (Norwegian Institute for Nature Research).

2. Ecosystem Services. Theme leaders: Harry Andreassen (Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences) and Anna Gudrun Thorhallsdottir (Agricultural University of Iceland).

3. Freshwater Ecology. Theme leaders: Jon Museth (Norwegian Institute of Nature Research) and John Piccolo (Karlstad University).

4. Understanding and Managing Biodiversity Conflicts. Theme leaders: Steve Redpath (Aberdeen University) and Henrik Andrén (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences).

5. Climate Change Ecology. Theme leaders: Toke Thomas Høye (Aarhus University), Jane Jepsen (Norwegian Institute for Nature Research) and Rolf Anker Ims (The Arctic University).