Written by: Ana Peris, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences

I took the course Introduction to Geometric Morphometrics with Transmitting Science in Barcelona, Spain. The course was intense but really well organised and structured in just one week, starting the 29th of May until the 2 of June from 9.30h to 19.00h. We learnt how to apply these analyses in different topics and disciplines, combining the theory during the morning and practical sessions during the afternoon-evening, using also our own data. We learnt how to work with MorphoJ, which is a program that can deals with these analyses. The course was really interesting and useful, having a really nice atmosphere.

This course was run by two professors, Dr. Chris Klingenberg from the University of Manchester, UK, and Dr. Jesús Marugán-Lobón from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain. It was a really nice experience meeting the instructors, which taught with enthusiasm and patience to transmit their knowledge.

During the course we had to work in groups doing some exercises to practice with the program that we used. Also, the last day we had to give a talk about the project that we are working on and how these analyses can be applied with the different kind of data that we had. After each presentation there was a discussion. It was a really good opportunity to exchange ideas and suggestions, and it was really helpful for many people that had just started with their PhD’s, who did not have enough knowledge in how to apply these analyses in their data. It was a good exercise to discuss the possible constraints.

The course was a good opportunity to meet people from different parts of the world. There were people from Europe, Asia, Australia and America. This course was a nice experience, allowing me to be in contact with other disciplines, such as palaeontology and archaeology. It was a chance to know the different projects that they are working on and to realise how this analyses can be applied in really different disciplines, not only in Ecology.

This course gave me the chance to expand the network. It could open new future possibilities in doing research, being in touch with people from different universities and countries, which in the future could contribute positively to develop the work.

I recommend everybody that is working with morphometrics in their projects to take this course. It is really useful and a really nice experience!

I am really grateful to IRSAE to provide me the grant to do this course. The course was really helpful and it contributed to expand my scientific knowledge. I am sure that these kind of courses help to develop a successful scientific career.