Written by: Mojgan Mirzaei, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences

I attended the course “INTRODUCTION TO R” in Barcelona (Spain). I arrived Barcelona at May 21 and the course started from May 22 to 26.


The aim of the course was to get an introduction to R, addressed to people that has never used R. This was a big opportunity for me, because I didn’t know anything about R, as I have only used SPSS. In this course I learned how I can import/export data-bases, manage data sets, carry out basic statistical analysis, and draw graphs. Additionally, I was thought how to program specific functions, and how to use programming syntax, values, vectors, data frames, lists, packages and libraries, working directory and environments, loading data into R, reading xlsx, txt, and csv files, joining data frames, logical operators, clustering packages and simple procedures, and Regression packages and simple procedures. During the week, the days were filled with lots of teaching and several practice between 9 am until 6 or 6.30 pm. For the last day, we carried out some statistical analysis with our own datasets, providing a good opportunity to troubleshoot and find solution for my own data and errors in R.

I am really thankful to IRSAE and Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences for providing the funding for me, because without their support I couldn’t participate in such a good course. I believe that scientific trips and learning about useful software, application and programming language will increase the quality of my PhD education. These trips are excellent opportunities for students.

Thank you so much, Mojgan