Oral presentations PhD students:

When: 7–11 August 2017

Where: Campus Evenstad, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norway.

The summer school program  has been updated!


The summer school will take the form of a conference, with, for each theme, a keynote speaker, theme session and a workshop. Each theme will be spread over the whole week (i.e. no parallel session) and participants are encouraged to attend all presentations and discussions, including those from other themes. The summer school will be a great arena for PhD candidates who are in doubt or have not been able to find a suitable working group, to get more information about the different themes.

Themes for the week:

1. Movement Ecology. Theme leaders: Francesca Cagnacci (Fondazione Edmund Mach), Øyvind Steifetten (University College of Southeast Norway) and Erlend Nilsen (Norwegian Institute for Nature Research).
 2. Future Management of Ecosystem Services.  Theme leaders: Harry Andreassen (Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences) and Anna Gudrun Thorhallsdottir (Agricultural University of Iceland).
 3. Freshwater Ecology. Theme leaders: Jon Museth (Norwegian Institute of Nature Research) and John Piccolo (Karlstad University).
4. Understanding and managing Biodiversity Conflicts. Theme leaders: Steve Redpath (Aberdeen University) and Henrik Andrén (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences).
5. Climate Change Ecology. Theme leaders: Toke Thomas Høye (Aarhus Univeristy), Jane Jepsen (Norwegian Institute for Nature Research) and Rolf Anker Ims (The Arctic University).

These (preliminary) themes are part of the reorganization of IRSAE into smaller and more functional working groups. The main goal is to facilitate discussions and exchanges of ideas among PhD candidates within similar sub-fields of applied ecology. The themes reflect what the PhD candidates in the network identify their research with. We will use the summer school this year to “kick-off” these themes, and for the PhD candidates to get to know other members of the network with similar research interests.

Summer school program


The summer school program has been updated!



Practical information

Price (including participation, accommodation and food 6th-11th August):
• Students associated with an IRSAE-member institution: free (no course fee, accommodation and food will be provided on campus, travel costs will be refunded)
• Research staff associated with an IRSAE-member institution: free (accommodation and food will be provided on campus, travel costs will be refunded)
• Participants not associated with an IRSAE-member institution: 3000 NOK (including course fee, accommodation and food for 6th-11th August), travel costs not refunded

How to apply:
Fill out the summer school application form and email it to Henriette Gelink by May 15th (after May 15th: send an e-mail if you are interested, there might be some slots available).
(PS: You do not have to apply for a mobility grant as board and lodging already are provided by IRSAE on campus. To refund your travel costs: give all travel receipts to the main IRSAE contact person at your institution, he/she will send IRSAE an invoice)

Field trip – hike to Tronkberget
It takes about 1,5 hours to hike to the top. The first 30 minutes to the trail head is along gravel roads, and the next hour is on good trails. The elevation is 360m at the trail head and 680m at the top of Tronkberget. Torstein Storaas (Professor at Inland Norway University of Applies Sciences) will give an inspirational wildlife talk on the top. For the field trip, please bring good shoes (either sneakers or hiking shoes), comfortable hiking clothes, sunglasses, water bottle, and waterproof jacket and pants. The August weather is normally nice in Norway, but you can never know for sure, so be prepared for rain.

What to bring to the summer school:
Beds, breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided.
You should bring: towel, sleeping bag, good shoes, comfortable hiking clothes, sunglasses, and waterproof jacket and pants.

Travel to Evenstad:

By plane
From Oslo Airport (Gardermoen) take the train to Evenstad. Check out the National Railway website for time tables (choose Oslo Lufthavn as departure station and Evenstad as destination). You will have to change trains in Hamar. The train ride normally takes 2.5 hours in total. PS: there are very few train departures from Gardermoen to Evenstad Sunday 6th August, so make sure your flight corresponds with the train.

Walk from Evenstad train station to Campus Evenstad
From Evenstad Station it takes 10 minutes to walk to Campus Evenstad. Take left on the main road, and after 100m take the first gravel road on the right. Continue straight ahead (past 2-3 houses on your left and fields on your right) to the end of the road where you will end up at a parking lot next to some buildings: you have arrived! Please contact Henriette Gelink if you need to be picked up at the station. 

By car
From Oslo, follow E6 north in the direction of Trondheim. After 108km (or 1h and 10min), continue east on Rv3 in the direction of Tynset/Elverum/Trysil. After 30km you will arrive at a big roundabout in Elverum. Continue on Rv3 in the direction of Tynset (the 3rd exit in roundabout). After 72km on Rv3, make a right turn across the bridge to Evenstad. Make the first left turn straight after the bridge, and continue to the end of the road: you have arrived!